The Ethereum merger was a success – but now?

Ethereum successfully merged its beacon into a real proof less than a month ago, leading to arguably the biggest event since the creation of Bitcoin. Not only was it for the huge Ethereum community, but The Merge was the largest carbon reduction event in history, reducing global energy consumption by 0.2 percent. However, since the merger, the price of Ethereum has fallen. Investors are starting to think: what now? Find out about our latest news, articles and more! Follow Us Benzinga caught up with Jaydeep Korde, founder and CEO of launchnodes to learn about Ethereum’s transition to Proof of Stake and what it could mean for Ethereum in the future. Launchnodes is a contribution-as-a-service provider that allows institutions and individuals to easily set up an Ethereum validation node on their new proof-of-concept network. BZ: Ethereumers boast that ETH Proof of Stake is more secure and decentralized than ETH Proof of Work. Why do you think this is so? „There were 11 Proof of Work miners who did 99% of the work to secure and decentralize the Ethereum Proof of Work network. Now over 00,000 validators are doing the same work, all identifying 32 ETH blocks running on specific nodes, which can be.examined and „checked” inches away from a new betting test. ” – Korde BZ: Why is it important for users to act as validators for Ethereum’s proof-of-consensus model? „This is important because the Ethereum network needs individual contributors to truly decentralize Ethereum. Launchnodes helps individual investors to use their infrastructure in the cloud (the nodes run in our customers’ cloud package) or in their own data centers.

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