Nordex share: Is the big party over…?

Despite the consolidation of the last few days, Nordex shares did not fall below the technical uptrend. The price increase, which started from 7,235 euros in October, increased the share of wind energy to 15,15 euros. However, Nordex’s share price has fallen again since its January 18 peak. Striking: The value of TecDAX managed to catch itself in the area of ​​small support around 13.35 euros these days. During this period, the technical zone of 13.29/13.35 euros (WKN: A0D655, ISIN: DE000A0D655 , Chart) became the main support for Nordex shares. At this point, the support area extends to the 13. 6/13.57 zone. The Hamburg-based wind energy group’s share price rose from that range on Wednesday and Thursday, peaking at €1 . 0. It exited XETRA trading at €1 .30 yesterday. Nordex shares are currently trading at EUR 1 .125/1 .265 in Tradegate trading on Friday morning. Look at the technical situation on the map There are still no signs that the consolidation movement is over. A rise above EUR 1 . 0/1 . 7 could be a sign of an end and point back to the top of the rally between EUR 1 .9 /1 .99 and EUR 15.15. With a healthy uptrend behind you, new buy signals can arise in this scenario. If there is no pause at this point, that would be a warning sign! The price drop below 13.29/13.35 euros in the technical support area of ​​the Nordex stock in recent days would also be similar. Even if further support is already available below EUR 12.91, the profit wave does not necessarily have to stop it. The fall of additional tariffs may then push Nordex’s share price below 12.11 euros in the direction of various subsidies. Also, the Nordex stock chart currently has a rising 200-day moving average at 11,781 euros.

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