Schroders: „This is why the circular economy is essential for true sustainability”

Reviewed by Jack Dempsey, Fund Manager and Paul Lamacraft, Chief Investment Officer, Schroders Get notified of our latest news, articles and more! Follow us Schroders made an analysis based on the fact that the current population consumes 1.7 times more resources than the Earth can support and is growing rapidly*: by 2050 it will exceed 9 billion. Despite plans to reduce them, greenhouse gases are being produced at a rate that is rapidly destabilizing the climate. On the other hand, the „circular economy” model would allow to reduce the waste of energy and materials and environmental damage. WHAT IS THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY? The circular economy provides what consumers need without throwing away materials and creating pollution in the process. This challenges the current buy-use-discard approach, which consumes finite resources that are used for a short period of time and then discarded, often directly to landfill. A circular economy uses design solutions to eliminate waste and pollution so that materials remain usable. The circular economy designs products and services for efficiency, reusability and recyclability…

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