ThyssenKrupp share: Rally dream over?

The share price of the Teräs Group changed direction again after the clear consolidation movement of ThyssenKrupp on Tuesday. From the consolidation low of 6,23 euros, the MDAX value rose back to 6,898 euros reached yesterday. From a technical point of view, however, it is doubtful whether this will lead to new attempts to reach the previously reached peak of the recovery at 7,598 euros. XETRAN’s closing price of , ThyssenKrupp shares (WKN: 750000, ISIN: DE0007500001, Kaavio ) was EUR 6.83 yesterday, or below the peak of the day. On Tradegates, the Essen-based group’s share price is just 6.75 euros this morning. A look at the ThyssenKrupp stock chart shows the first barriers between €6.81/6.83 and around the €7 zone where the MDAX title already seems to be in trouble. If ThyssenKrupp’s share price really rebounds at this point, the second phase of the consolidation movement could be approaching. In this scenario, selling signals could be given by sliding below the gap that opened yesterday at 6.65 / 6.70 euros. The 50-day line is currently around €6,633. If ThyssenKrupp’s stock falls below these indicators, a possible consequence will be support tests around EUR 6. 6 and the EUR 6.16/6.23 zone. Finally, a break below 6 euros can be interpreted as a new strong technical sell signal. A price increase above 7 or a strengthening of 7.0 /7.07 euros may trigger a new attempt by the ThyssenKrupp share to reach the previous peak zone of 2023 below 7.60 euros. Tabular technical data for ThyssenKrupp share Last share price : 6.830 euros (exchange: XETRA) Bollinger Bands 20 (below / above): 6.557 euros / 7.701 euros EMA 20: 7.129 euros 20 . 7 EMA 20 : 7.129 euros EMA 200: 6, 58 euros

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