Trader in Tver fined 25,000 rubles for selling fake Shell oil

The Arbitration Court of the Tver Region, at the suit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, fined individual entrepreneur Bogdan Abrosimov 25,000 rubles for selling engine oil with an illegally reproduced Shell trademark, follows from the file of the court.

According to investigators, on September 30, 2021, this individual entrepreneur sold motor oil under this sign in a store in Tver for a total of 15.7 thousand rubles. At the same time, the exclusive right to use the Shell trademark in Russia belongs to Shell Brand International AG (Switzerland), which granted such a right to Shell Oil LLC.

According to the ANO Center for Independent Expertise and Business Assessment, the motor oil sold by Abrosimov was counterfeit. It does not follow from the materials of the case that Shell Oil LLC entered into any agreements on the use of the trademark with Abrosimov.

According to the court, Abrosimov committed an administrative offense through negligence: „the entrepreneur did not foresee the possibility of harmful consequences of his actions (the sale of goods containing an illegal reproduction of the Shell trademark), although he should have and could have foreseen them.”

Shell after February 24 announced its withdrawal from Russia. At the end of May, the company sold a network of 411 filling stations , located mainly in the Central and North-Western federal districts, as well as a lubricants production plant in Torzhok, to LUKOIL. The new owner will develop the network of Shell gas stations in Russia under the Finnish brand Teboil. Since June 8, Shell Oil LLC has been renamed Teboil Rus.

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