The State Duma Committee approved the bill on a single operator of advertising structures

This company will have to take into account the requirements of ensuring national security and fight fakes.

Moscow. the 14 th of July. INTERFAX.RU – The State Duma Committee on Economic Policy has supported the draft law on the creation in Russia of a single operator that will coordinate the installation and maintenance of advertising billboards, as well as coordinate the placement of electronic advertisements of individuals on specialized sites on the Internet.

The author of the draft No. 160605-8 , MP Artem Kiryanov, submitted it to the House on July 8.

In the explanatory note to the project, he pointed out that outdoor advertising on digital media, on transport and electronic docks with announcements of individuals are „the most vulnerable sectors in the information sphere”, since the array of information placed there „can be used by unfriendly countries in order to harm the Russian Federation and Russian legal entities and individuals.

The bill proposes to give the government the right to appoint a single operator for digital advertising structures and announcements. This operator will install and operate digital advertising structures, create an information resource for posting information on these digital advertising structures, as well as on electronic bulletin boards on the Internet. It will be possible to place ads only through it.

It will work taking into account the requirements of ensuring national security, as well as to ensure a level playing field for the distribution of digital advertising and prevent the spread of false information, create conditions for controlling advertising placed on digital advertising structures, as well as information placed in electronic announcements of individuals.

Placement of digital outdoor advertising, advertising on vehicles will be possible only through a single operator.

The adoption of the law, as follows from the explanatory materials, implies the issuance of an order by the Ministry of Digital Transformation, which will contain a list of persons who are prohibited from carrying out entrepreneurial activities in placing electronic announcements of individuals on the sale of goods and services (works) on the territory of the Russian Federation in the form of electronic bulletin boards.

The draft law states that previously concluded agreements for the installation and operation of advertising structures on a land plot, building or other real estate owned by state or municipal property, or on a land plot for which state ownership is not delimited, will continue to operate. Also, contracts for the installation and operation of a digital advertising structure on a vehicle, concluded before the entry into force of this law, will continue to operate.

An organization that is a Russian legal entity can become a single operator; not controlled by a foreign state, foreign organizations, international organizations, foreign citizens; the organization or group of companies that the organization belongs to is a backbone organization of the Russian economy that carries out the activities of advertising agencies; an organization or a group of companies that the organization belongs to owns its own digital advertising structures at outdoor advertising objects and transport infrastructure facilities, namely: railway stations, airports, subway stations, public transport stops of urban and suburban traffic, including in cities of federal significance ; the organization or group of companies that the organization belongs to has exclusive rights to the IT program,

If adopted, the law will enter into force 30 days after its official publication. The State Duma may consider it on July 15, at an extraordinary meeting.

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