The Paris Stock Exchange on the rise, attentive to the Fed

The Paris Stock Exchange rose Monday morning by 0.69% at the start of a week where investors will be particularly attentive to inflation in the United States and the way in which the American central bank (Fed) will take it into account to define its monetary policy.

Around 10:10 a.m., the CAC 40 index took 44.66 points to 6,517.01 points. It had posted gains last week despite worries about geopolitical tensions in Asia and fears of a continuation of significant monetary tightening by the Fed.

This week, „market sentiment will depend on US inflation. If it falls, the Fed could reorient its rate hikes more moderately”, encouraging the market rebound, summarizes Ipek Ozkardeskaya, analyst at SwissQuote.

On Saturday, an official of the American central bank pleaded for the monetary institution to continue to raise its key rates sharply until inflation actually falls.

„Similar sized increases should be considered until we see inflation come down consistently, meaningfully and sustainably,” Fed Governor Michelle Bowman told the Kansas Bankers Association.

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