The BOJ conducted two additional rounds of unscheduled bond-purchase operations Thursday

The Bank of Japan is buying Japanese government bonds (JGB) as part of its yield curve contraction (YCC) program to maintain loose monetary policy. BOJ buys JGBs in normal and non-scheduled operations. Unplanned purchases are sometimes called „emergency” bond purchases. The bank did the unscheduled operation on Wednesday and did it again on Thursday. After buying on Thursday morning (Japan time), the BOJ bought later in the session. So two „urgent” bonds today: offered to buy an unlimited amount of 2- and 5-year fixed-income bonds, and 600 billion yen of 1-10-year bonds in addition to 's daily offers. buys 10-year debt 0.5 % (new high of its current yield target) Although the bank announced an increase in the 10-year JGB limit by /-0.5%, the bank needs to keep buying to protect yields. The group’s expansion prompted traders to speculate that the bank may be forced to raise the cap further or abandon it altogether.

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