Polish refineries are not experiencing problems with the supply of raw materials

The largest Polish oil refinery Orlen (Orlen) and the operator of the Polish section of the Druzhba oil pipeline, PERN (PERN), are not experiencing difficulties with the supply of raw materials and fuel. The corresponding statements of the company were distributed on Thursday.

“Fuel supplies to all Orlen stations throughout Poland are being carried out. Due to the increased traffic at gas stations near the borders, we are taking measures to fully meet the current fuel needs. All customers have access to products and services,” Orlen said in a statement.
“Fuel supplies are fully secured and all our customers will be served. We are safe because over the past six years we have taken steps to diversify the supply of raw materials. Back in 2013, the refinery in Plock processed 98% of Russian oil. Today, its share is less than half,” the company quotes Chairman of the Board Daniel Obaitek as saying.
The company assured that „there is no shortage of fuel in Poland.” „Both oil reserves and fuel production at the Orlen Group are at levels sufficient to cover current demand,” Orlen added. “The supply of raw materials is carried out on a permanent basis in accordance with long-term and spot contracts. The wholesale sale of fuel is also being implemented,” the message emphasizes.

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