Mutares share: „dividend pearl” on the way to double bottom completion?

A technical double base is announced for Mutares shares. Since July, two clear bottoms have formed just above the 1 euro mark, most recently at 1 .28 euro in early October. The average height of a possible chart technical trend reversal is due to the August 12 intraday high of EUR 19.36. That is where Mutares shares are currently moving. After yesterday’s Mutares quarterly news, dividends and new deal, Mutares shares generated a new buy signal on the way there: the 200-day limit at 18. 1 euros was crossed. It exited trading at 18.72 euros and rose more than 3 percent on the day. The current Wednesday morning share price of the Munich investment company is slightly below 18.5 /18.68 euros.

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