Locked and loaded for another edition of non-farm payrolls

Friday is a trading day and with the exception of the yen, currency markets were largely flat ahead of the announcement. Trading on a soft turn in the numbers was what everyone expected in recent months, but now the market is getting ahead of the data. Earnings fell and stocks rose. With this, the market is now in a much more balanced place and if anything – is leaning towards buying the dollar on strong data. Never mind that jobs are a lagging indicator, and there hasn’t been much sign of softness outside of technology and parts manufacturing. Combined with the US report, Canadian employment is expected to fall at the same time and is expected to increase by 5.0K after last month’s sensational reading of 108.3K. I would be careful to return it. Today is also the last day before the Fed blackout, so we get a steady stream including Barkin and Evans.

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