Amazon announces in September to increase the prices of its Prime subscription in five European countries

Amazon, which had increased the prices of its Prime subscription in the United States at the beginning of the year, will do the same from September 15 in France, Germany, England, Spain and Italy, the group announced. in France to AFP on Tuesday.

In detail, prices will increase in France from 5.99 to 6.99 euros per month and from 49 to 69.90 euros per year. In the United Kingdom, from 7.99 pounds to 8.99 (about 10.6 euros) and from 79 to 95 pounds (about 112 euros). In Germany, from 7.99 to 8.99 euros and from 69 to 89.9 euros. In Spain and Italy, from 3.99 to 4.99 euros per month and from 36 to 49.90 euros per year.

Subscribers must be notified since Tuesday 1 a.m., according to an Amazon France spokesperson with AFP.

The group claims to have to face an “increase in shipping costs”, in particular with the rise in the prices of fuel, energy or even “packaging costs”.

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